Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31st – Proverbs 31: Marrying Material

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.” – Proverbs 31:30

I am SO glad that I chose wisely when pursuing my wife! Yes, she looked absolutely amazing when I first started pursuing her (and she still does!) but what really attracted me to her was her passion for Jesus. I first “noticed” Jessica in 1997; she was doing a dance in front of our church and worshiping God with all her heart. Even though she was a close personal friend of my sister and a friend of the family, we had never talked for more than 5 minutes. But that day as she worshiped Jesus with all her heart, I of course saw her physical beauty, but the real attraction was her passion for Jesus… and still is!

Charming women are a dime a dozen and thanks to the miracle of plastic surgery, beautiful women are not that hard to come by (especially in the south!) But young men, if you find a woman that truly fears God, she’s a true gem and you had better hold on to her like grim death! This proverb tells us what is a truly praiseworthy quality in a woman and again, it flies in the face of our sin-soaked and depraved culture. Our culture celebrates beauty and charm, when the Bible teaches us to celebrate a woman that fears God!

Charm, as this proverb says is deceptive and not to be trusted. I can honestly say that my wife did NOT have charm when we were first married. She was totally lacking in grace and tact and was as blunt and straight talking as they come! She’s learned to be more gracious, but I’m warning you, don’t cross her! Beauty, as the proverb says, is fleeting. The word for fleeting here is: transitory, empty, vain and unsatisfying. The bottom line is that you should never marry for beauty ONLY. Thank Jesus my wife has TONS of the stuff, but hey, Jesus loves me! The ONLY quality that truly deserves recognition and praise is the fear of the Lord.

Beauty and the fear of the Lord aren’t mutually exclusive, thank God!

I’m calling out my wife, Jessica Lawson & saying she is worthy of praise ya’ll!


Many men have chosen a wife based exclusively on looks, I call them: “Recently Divorced”.

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