Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27th – Proverbs 27: MAN Talk

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17

This is probably one of the most over used Proverbs in the world. I am loathe to even speak of it since there are literally THOUSANDS of men’s groups called, “Iron Sharpens Iron”. Seriously, look it up online, it’s nauseating. Yes, I am no excited to say anything about it, but speak of it I must. I have no doubt that iron sharpens iron. There is also doubt that when iron sharpens iron, sparks fly. What I seriously doubt and see so very precious of is one man sharpening another. That’s because for the most part, Men are solitary creatures. You can be a in a group of guys and it’s rare that any of them will be honest about what they are feeing and how they are really doing. We have such a twisted view of what true biblical masculinity is all about and things seem to swing from one extreme to the next.

One extreme is the John Wayne persona. Many guys want to be like “The Duke”; tough as nails, no emotions and can be counted on in a firefight. Yes, many men want to be like him, but very few actually are. Here is what normally happens to the guy that isn’t honest about his feelings; maybe he becomes embittered against his wife or his boss. Instead of saving the day, he ruins it by sleeping with some whore or losing his life in a bottle. Part of the reason for that is because “The Duck” reuses to open himself to another brother and never hears a hearty rebuke or word of correction! Listen cowboy, even the lone Ranger had Tonto.

The other extreme that has really gained traction in the last couple decades is something I call the “Effeminate Male”. This guy is SO in touch with his feelings that you can’t count on him to do anything… but cry. These Nancy boys are the Kryptonite to their wives libido and the essence of all that is wrong in our society. They are little boys stuck on a man’s body and the opposite of stable. They give real men a bad name and I despise them and the electric car they came in on. This guy would end up being a solid guy if he would take a little toughening up from another brother. Notice it doesn’t say that one man is sharpened by his MOM.

Neither of these personas is the person men are called to be. We have been called to look, act and BECOME like the Lord Jesus. And Jesus says that one man sharpens another!

Man up and let your brother sharpen your dull behind!

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